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Tastes of the world, delivered to your table.

Company Profile

Company Profile

We use a Global Strategy to provide leadership in providing the best products and service to our customers.

The Tokusui group grows on the theme of Ocean and Seafood. Tokusui Corporation is a holding company at the center of many fields such as trading, wholesale, and food service.

While challenging oversea business such as Indonesia, and our Co-op business, we are navigating our group to go in the right direction, judging the current times with a broad outlook. With Tokusui Corporation's lead, our diversified companies expand their own strengths, to answer your needs.



The Tokusui Logo shown above is an important mark to represent "the core" image of the Tokusui Group.

We utilize italic type, Gothic style letters. This represents Tokusui will make new strides and progress toward the future. It also expresses flexibility as a group.

In addition, the extended letter “S”, and the red tip, is used to express the connection between the sea and food.