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Orca Bay Seafoods , Inc.

We own the main office factory in U.S.A., Seattle City and it processes seafood for local eating out shops and sells it.

オルカベイフーズWe own main office factory in American Seattle City and am developing food business for business use in the country. From a supplier of many parts of the world, we import a high quality salmon, a tuna, King club, lobsters and put a steak, the added value processing that said a fillet and sell it to eating out shop, lunch of the U.S., a club store.

Achievements are spreading year by year. We grew up in one of the big pillars of advantageous Sui group now. It is authorized in 'SYSCO' by 100 top vendors and, in quality and service both sides, has high needs assessment than a visitor.

Company infomation

900 Powell Ave.SW Renton,WA 98055 U.S.A

Business item: Processing sale
Capital: US$12,105