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Orient Electric,Co.,Ltd.

The electric facilities business which are good at "board" production. We develop an article for ships and the FA system.

盤製作のオリエント電機We build the latest technology satisfied with the needs of the visitor for low pressure power, the control system whole, and we are wide, and we offer longtime technical accumulation to the high pressure switchboard which matched a base with the change of the industry in the time, various panels, an automatic panel, a monitor, the instrumentation device from a design to spot trial run adjustment high.

It can be set and studies the system which can cope with speed and a change of the recent technical progress for the making of thing which we always thought about in the glance of the visitor and is better and it depends and we are cheap and it depends and makes an effort in more speedy motto day and night already.

A board - design can manufacturing , production , quality control
(Leave it to me from general specifications to special specifications)

High pressure tray switchboard(It is possibility for firefighting authorization standard)High pressure tray switchboard
(It is possibility for firefighting authorization standard)

水処理プラント盤(流量計取替調整対応可能です)A water processing plant board
(it is possibility for flowmeter exchange adjustment)

動力盤、分電盤、自動制御盤(PLC,タッチパネル制御対応可能です)A power board
A switchboard
An automatic panel
(It is possibility for PLC, touch panel control)

コントロールスタンド盤(油圧配管作業対応可能です)Control stands board
(It is possibility for oil pressure plumbing work)

コントロールスタンド盤(油圧配管作業対応可能です)Control stands board
(It is possibility for oil pressure plumbing work)

製缶工場A can manufacturing factory

組立工場An assembly plant

Company information

オリエント電機株式会社ロゴORIENT ELECTRIC,CO,.Ltd.
3-3-31 Minato Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-City 810-0075 Japan
Capital:10,000,000yen(Authorized share 40,000,000 yen)
Establishment: September 1, 1956
Employees: 42 people(As of June, 2007)

The first association of public building evaluation dictation profit (High pressure tray strange electric facilities, Switch board, Panel, Experiment board)
JSIA excellent authorization factory (Japanese supply of electric power control system industry society) Kyushu District authorization
(We are experienced, and, with that in mind, JSIA excellent factory Certifying Council examines of the ISO9000 judge for business of the switchboards production for the last time, and only the maker which passed through the examination passage is authorized by "a JSIA excellent factory".)
the member of (The Ship's Electric Installation Contractors' Association of Japan)


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