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P.T. Dwi Bina Utama

We develop fishery while protecting Indonesian nature.

We are a source of supply for high-quality natural ocean shrimp. We are an Indonesian local corporation established in 1974. We operate in the shrimp trawler fishery in the rich sea with a deep consideration of the protection and upbringing of precious marine resources. The processed shrimp is refrigerated promptly on board and exported to Japan to assure the highest quality and freshness. Our shrimp are well known for their high quality in restaurants and are given as gifts.

P.T. Dwi Bina Utama

Company infomation

Gedung Bank Artha Graha 9th Floor,(Suite No.0906 Sudirman Central Business District)
JL.Jenderal Sudirman Kav.52-53,Jakarta12910 Indonesia

Business item: Lobster trawling
Capital: 2,000,000 US dollar