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Tohoku Tokusui , Ltd.

It processes the slice which we used fresh material for, a soaked fish into Kanto, the northeastern market and sells it.

水産物の製造加工卸販売 東北トクスイWe are located in the fisheries processing housing complex of Shiogama, Miyagi City and have cold storage warehouse business as the main duties with the manufacturing wholesale dealership of marine products.

A slice processes a frozen fish mainly on a salmon and trout / sablefish / mackerel / a tuna widely, and, besides, the dish cooked at the table sets produce material as an again soaked fish, too and sell it for the group companies / a consumers cooperative / a customer nationwide, but we keep the making of product which accepted the needs of the visitor in mind and we lay emphasis on development of products and wrestle.

The factory acquires the authorization of the Japanese frozen food association and, in addition, we meet the quality control standard of much proud other side, but it is it with a company bullet and tries for hygiene management every day in order we stop, and to send the food which is relief / security to the visitor.

水産物の製造加工卸販売 東北トクスイ

水産物の製造加工卸販売 東北トクスイ

Company information

6-7-5 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0054 Japan
TEL (03)3533-5121 (Main)
FAX (03)3533-5173

Business: Frozen food processing sale, cold storage warehouse business
Capital:15,000,000 yen

Shiogama factory

3-3-17 Shinhama-tyou Shiogama-City Miyagi-pre 985-0001 Japan

Map of Shiogama factory

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