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Tsukiji Sushi Iwa Ltd.

The genuine Edo-style long-established store which lets an authority of groan. We provide with the various space that accepted a use.

Tokyo , Tsukiji where there is the fish market of the biggest in Japan. In this Tsukiji area that is called the kitchen of appetite capital Tokyo, we develop the Tokyo-style sushi shop of two stores.

"The home office" we prepare for the high-quality Edo-style essence, and to provide accomodation for. "The Tsukiji branch" where is popular among dining together with a great number of people. A store having you use it is of an important reception banquet, a private meal variously. The Special Menu and lunch that season is fragrant of four seasons, the home delivery of cooked foods service are popular.

江戸前の老舗 築地寿司岩As for the noren of establishment of a business 1921, it is proved the relief.
The Tsukiji sushi rock is a long-established store of the Tokyo-style sushi which has been forged by the understanding people who had a good tongue.

江戸前の老舗 築地寿司岩の店内Home office
At the unvanished wooden counter which is smart with the Edo-style essence time of the supreme bliss

Campany infomation

SK Higashi-Ginza-Bld-3F 2-12-6 Tsukiji Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045 Japan

Business:Sushi and the chain development of the Japanese-style dish specialty store
Capital:10,000,000 yen
Store: The home office / The Tsukiji branch


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