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Tokusui Canned Bread Information

※News of the canned bread (chocolate muffin type) sale end

We had the end of May, 2011 and finished sale of the canned bread (chocolate muffin type). Until now thank you very much.
Tokusui Canned Bread

Product features

  • It stays fresh for an extended time because it is canned. This keeps the flavor and delicious taste for a long period.
  • It is a commodity that can be useful for emergency situations. In addition, it’s also very convenient to bring along for leisure, or to sports events, and camping.
  • Because a simple can opener is attached, it’s possible to eat anytime and anywhere.
  • Forewarned is forearmed! The can is a good size and shape to easily put in an emergency bag.
  • The shelf life is three years. (Displayed on the bottom of a can is the Use-Best-By date.)

Line up of products

Tokusui Canned Bread Panattone type

Panattone type

It is added dried fruit (raisin, orange peel) to cloth, and it is canned baked bread. The dried fruit included in it draws moderate acidity and taste.

Tokusui Canned Bread Muffin typee

Muffin type

It’s based on the English cradle muffin, and baked style "American muffin" style with sugar. It has a fluffy soft texture.


  Panattone type Muffin type
Content Weight 80g 95g
Standard Bore: 98.9mm, Height: 59.0mm, Content: 398ml
Pack/Box 24
Can size Diameter 103mm×Height 60mm
Box size 412mm×310mm×124mm
JAN Code 4904505 270363 4904505 270387


Recently, many canned foods, come with an easy-open type can. So why is Tokusui's canned bread a can-opener type? Even though the easy-open can is widespread and convenient, it is susceptible to damage on impact. When it’s dropped or dented, it can tear easily and the contents can deteriorate.

We adopted a can-opener type can to our canned bread because we know that it will also be used in cases of disaster or other rough storage.

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